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A Murder Mystery Evening! 
Date:  March 04 2016 – 
Time: 6:00 pm – Location:  CNIB 1929 Bayview Ave

  • group picture of Glenvale performersAuthor Donna Jodhan; in collaboration with members of the Glenvale players, the CCB, and the CNIB presents “the demise of Greedy Gumbo.”
  • You are invited to  have dinner at the Court House and at the same time experience the Canadian justice system at work.
  • Written and produced by author Donna Jodhan, this mystery promises to keep you at the edge of your seats until the very end.  It is filled with suspense, twists and turns, and is sprinkled with heavy doses of humour.
  • It all takes place in a lower Federal Court with Judge Jill Jadestone closely questioning three suspects for the demise of Greedy Gumbo.  Judge Jill is assisted by her top crimes investigator Commander Chip Sanderson.
  • The crimes investigator has carried out extensive investigations and has brought three suspects before a grand jury to be examined by Judge Jill.  The grand jury must decide which of the three suspects needs to be indicted.
  • The grand jury is made up of about six persons who are all members of the audience.
  • They will be chosen at random similar to how a jury is chosen in the normal scheme of things.

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You may choose to attend both dinner and mystery evening at a cost of $20 or just the mystery evening at a cost of $15.

So why not come and enjoy?  Have lots of fun and laugh as hard as you can!

For ticket information contact Murray Powell at or Donna Jodhan at

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