Past Productions:
Date: February 4, 2017 – WWCW (White Cane Week) Recreation & Leisure Exposition
Location:  CNIB, 1929 Bayview AveGroup photo of Glenvale performers -both short plays..

The Glenvale Players Theatre performed two short skits on Saturday, February 4, 2017, introduced by our President, Murray Powell.

  • “A Matter of Husbands” by Ferenc Molnar
    Starring Ms. Thea Ramsay and Ms. Orly Shamir
  • “The Tie” by Jeff Goebel
    Starring Lindsay Masters, Paul Mack & Kamini Rodhan

Both skits were well received by a full house and have received excellent reviews.


Past Production:  A Murder Mystery Evening! 
Date:  March 04, 2016 –
 Location:  CNIB 1929 Bayview Ave

  • group picture of Glenvale performersAuthor Donna Jodhan; in collaboration with members of the Glenvale players, the CCB, and the CNIB presents “the demise of Greedy Gumbo.”
  • Written and produced by author Donna Jodhan, this mystery promises to keep you at the edge of your seats until the very end.  It is filled with suspense, twists and turns, and is sprinkled with heavy doses of humour.
  • It all takes place in a lower Federal Court with Judge Jill Jadestone closely questioning three suspects for the demise of Greedy Gumbo.  Judge Jill is assisted by her top crimes investigator Commander Chip Sanderson.
  • The crimes investigator has carried out extensive investigations and has brought three suspects before a grand jury to be examined by Judge Jill.  The grand jury must decide which of the three suspects needs to be indicted.
  • The grand jury is made up of about six persons who are all members of the audience.
  • They will be chosen at random similar to how a jury is chosen in the normal scheme of things.

For keyboard users, left click on any of the names to open.

Meet the CastAbout the Author
  • Murray Powell – Chip Sanderson as crimes investigator
  • Kamini Rodhan – Marcia Estrada as the bailiff
  • Orly Shammar – Maxine Davinier as suspect 1
  • Thea Ramsay – Lucy Rebbering as suspect 2
  • Simon Qiggaittuq     – Byron Steel as suspect 3
  • Donna Jodhan –  as Judge Jill Jadestone.

Author Donna Jodhan’s audio mysteries can be found under the heading of detective DJ and the Crime Crushers.  Her audio mysteries are extremely affordable and she uses all proceeds from the sales of her audio mysteries to support her campaign against bullying.  She produces blogs, podcasts, and develops workshops to help others combat bullying and assists them to develop their own anti bullying campaign. 

You can learn more about her anti bullying campaign at


The Highwayman graphic ad


Past Production:  The Highwayman
an adaptation for radio by Wanda C. Fitzgerald (2003)

Directed by Kelly Ashton
With special thanks to Alex Bulmer, Laurence Stevenson and the CBC without whose assistance this production would not have been possible.



Meet the Cast
  • Timothy Jay:  Marty Koven
  • Bess (the landlord;’s daughter): Diana Bissett
  • Robert Cross (The Highwayman): Paul Mack
  • Thomas (theBarman): Martin Courcelles
  • Sarah (the wench): Sharon Brant
  • Redcoat Captain: Murray Powell
  • Barret (a soldier): Kurt Thomsen
  • Jones (a soldier): Kelly Ashton
  • Mrs. Warren: Robecca Redmile
  • Mr. Warren (the landlord): Richard Quan
  • The Carpenter: David Resenfelt
  • Narrator: Wanda C. Fitzgerald
  • Music by  Martin Courcelles
  • Harp adaptation:  Sara Hillis
  • Keyboards:  Laurence Stevenson
  • Cover art and © : Wanda C. Fitzgerald
  • Produced in the studios of the CBC
  • Audio Production:  Laurence Stevenson